• One more before I go to bed!

    Posted on by Clare

    It’s getting late (for me!) so time for one more quick post and then to bed.

    I really honestly never ever thought I would find it so hard to keep taking photos once the baby arrived. I took about 122,000 photos (or so groaned our Terastation(s)) from 2008 to 2012, (at least I had 122,000 photo files, some duplicates and some for the bin). This year I’d be embarrassed to find out how few I took. I mean I took about 2,000 on my phone, but that’s snapping, not photography! In comparison to the last few years, I actually have forgotten to take my camera out with me to events when I meant to at least three times. And when I did take it, I was so busy with the baby that I barely got to take any photos at all!

    So earlier this year, I asked my friends to keep me going by challenging me to take more photos by giving me one word instructions to inspire me.

    I’m only 11 in, but it’s really giving me a little focus.

    You can find them all here on Flickr, but I’ve chosen a few favourites.

    Murrays’ word was GIN
    Easy in enough as I’m a real Gin-Lover, and this Opihr found in Waitrose is one of the nicest gins I’ve ever tried. This bottle disappeared way too fast!

    Tara Suggested NEW
    Maybe not obvious from the photo but the beaded necklace is a “fiddle bead” or “breastfeeding” necklace. designed to give your baby something to do with their hands whilst they feed. Without this. I risk being pinched and fiddled with myself- hair tugging etc. Not much fun! I chose this necklace carefully then had to wait weeks for it to be made and arrive from America. The fabric you see in the background is a woven “wrap” or “sling” for my baby. It’s a Bebe Sachi Mei Tai with wrap straps, again carefully chosen after much deliberation and gratefully received when it arrived.

    Abby went for ROUND
    I do try to have the camera on hand when Baby is playing nicely and the light is good. He loves the washing machine and I love the way the curved plastic in the door refracts the light and colours.

  • Family photo shoots!

    Posted on by Clare

    So Although I’ve not been taking may photos, at the end of 2013 and start of 2014 I had a little go at doing some baby photography. Obviously it helped having one to hand, although I was so busy I rarely got a chance to pick up a proper camera. I also did some family and mother & baby shoots so I thought I’d share a selection here as I prepare to do some First Birthday shoots with some baby friends :)

    another attempt




    Happy baby

    Holly and Mummy



    (/me frantically updating Flickr with a years’ worth of photos!)

    We tried

    New Family



    Lovely! Although more challenging now they’re getting rather mobile!

  • Annual review

    Posted on by Clare

    How embarassing! A very long neglected blog- partially with plans to revamp the website this year (That came to nothing as yet). A blog post started in January and finished in October! Ah well.

    I’m not sure how far I will get with this post. Unusually the baby is having a decent day time nap, but it’s time for his 16 week immunisations this afternoon and really he needs a feed first!
    Ah well.

    Time for a bit of an annual review of 2013. What a year! I found out on the 13th Jan that I was pregnant and from the end of January I suffered with severe nausea/vomiting caused by the pregnancy (loathe to call it “morning sickness”). This is the general state of being pregnant did mean I didn’t do quite as much as usual and I found it very hard to find much enthusiasm for photography. Hopefully my mojo returned when our lovely baby boy was born on 09/09/13 and I’ve tried to ensure I don’t bore everyone with too many photos!

    Lets look at the year in pictures:


    Feb I was too ill and took no photos!




    Worth it

    Taplow/ Dorney

    Smugface Foxy Frodo





    (not my baby!)

  • More babies!

    Posted on by Clare

    It’s amazing how you can go your whole life never really seeing babies… until you become a parent and then you hang out with them all the time!

    I’ve recently enjoyed taking photos of two friends babies! Rowan is a few weeks younger than my boy, and Holly is a month or so older. Both posed beautifully!




    Holly and Mummy

  • Slow

    Posted on by Clare

    Apologies things have been very quiet here for those who do read the blog. Obviously having a small baby in the house means I’m very busy, but on top of that the tiredness makes it very hard for the creative juices to start flowing.

    In addition I had some hard drive failure a couple of weeks ago, and have had to upgrade my pc (I say “I”- really it’s the lovely husband!) and have spent a reasonable amount of time doing some filing and trying to get things organised. Part of this will be to give my website an overhaul, to be updated, but also to better reflect my work, my clients and my capabilities.

    Baby is doing well! He’s putting on weight, growing out of gorgeous tiny baby clothes by the day, has had his first set of injections, been to his first proper grown up party and his first pro-cycling event and learnt to smile! He’s not really learnt to sleep though…..

    He’s a bit darn gorgeous though!

    So is his daddy

    And we do squeeze in the odd self portrait too!

    Back soon!

  • I’m a mummy and a photographer…..

    Posted on by Clare

    …so sorry if I bore you to death with pictures of our beautiful baby!
    Husband hands



  • Two competitions in two weeks!

    Posted on by Clare

    This weekend we visited the rather superb British Wildlife Centre in Godstone, Surrey. Despite the weather being less-than-ideal with rainstorms and grey skies, it was a brilliant trip out with lots of opportunities to snap pictures of the beautiful British wildlife in residence there.

    Many of the animals were not playing ball and didn’t want to come out of hiding- but who could blame them in the pouring rain?!

    However, the centre have feeding times where many of the animals can be coaxed out of hiding with a tasty dead chick or two. We got to see Scottish Wildcats, Foxes, Deer, Hedgehogs, Otters and much more. The diversity of British Wildlife is fascinating and I was very shocked to hear about the decline in numbers of Scottish Wildcats in particular as the ferral cat population and the Wildcats interbreed and change the bloodlines. There may not be any purebreed Wildcats left!

    The BWC run a photography competition each year, and whilst I am quite clearly no match for the majority of serious wildlife photographers who have year-long memberships, I thought I’d enter (especially as the lady on the desk told me that they’d not had too many entries this year!). I was the only person with a dSLR without an L-series Lens at the park that day, but I won’t let that hold me back!

    Here are some of the animals I caught on film (card!).

    Smugface Foxy Frodo
    Frodo the Fox



    Soggy Surprise Badger!

    A great day out and I cannot wait to go back in better weather and see who comes out to play! I particularly would like to see the adders, tiny weeny little harvest mice and baby Scottish Wildcats!

  • More time for photography?

    Posted on by Clare

    Now I’m maternity leave I am hoping I might have time for some more photography.

    Day 1 of maternity leave and I’ve already entered a local photography competition. It’s the Bracknell Forest Parks Photography competition with the theme of “Water”. Luckily I’ve taken a few pictures at our local Pond which is a stones throw from where I live. These are the images I’ve entered:


  • Our garden

    Posted on by Clare

    Our garden might not be perfect, but it’s so nice to see things that you’ve grown starting to look beautiful! Even the weeds!

    Almost open


    Presents from Caroline

    And to show dedication- I knew how I wanted this shot to look, so ended up rolling around on the floor to get the flare perfect. Not normally an issue, but at 30 weeks pregnant, it was a little more challenging!

    Worth it

  • Another great blog post….

    Posted on by Clare

    …by someone else!

    I was linked to this great blog post by Timothy Allen by the wonderful Al Humphreys, which 5 top tips about how to take better travel photos. Travel photography is something I’ve never really tackled, but I found this insight really useful if I ever were to be brave enough to try something new…..

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