• More babies!

    Posted on by Clare

    It’s amazing how you can go your whole life never really seeing babies… until you become a parent and then you hang out with them all the time!

    I’ve recently enjoyed taking photos of two friends babies! Rowan is a few weeks younger than my boy, and Holly is a month or so older. Both posed beautifully!




    Holly and Mummy

  • Slow

    Posted on by Clare

    Apologies things have been very quiet here for those who do read the blog. Obviously having a small baby in the house means I’m very busy, but on top of that the tiredness makes it very hard for the creative juices to start flowing.

    In addition I had some hard drive failure a couple of weeks ago, and have had to upgrade my pc (I say “I”- really it’s the lovely husband!) and have spent a reasonable amount of time doing some filing and trying to get things organised. Part of this will be to give my website an overhaul, to be updated, but also to better reflect my work, my clients and my capabilities.

    Baby is doing well! He’s putting on weight, growing out of gorgeous tiny baby clothes by the day, has had his first set of injections, been to his first proper grown up party and his first pro-cycling event and learnt to smile! He’s not really learnt to sleep though…..

    He’s a bit darn gorgeous though!

    So is his daddy

    And we do squeeze in the odd self portrait too!

    Back soon!

  • I’m a mummy and a photographer…..

    Posted on by Clare

    …so sorry if I bore you to death with pictures of our beautiful baby!
    Husband hands



  • Two competitions in two weeks!

    Posted on by Clare

    This weekend we visited the rather superb British Wildlife Centre in Godstone, Surrey. Despite the weather being less-than-ideal with rainstorms and grey skies, it was a brilliant trip out with lots of opportunities to snap pictures of the beautiful British wildlife in residence there.

    Many of the animals were not playing ball and didn’t want to come out of hiding- but who could blame them in the pouring rain?!

    However, the centre have feeding times where many of the animals can be coaxed out of hiding with a tasty dead chick or two. We got to see Scottish Wildcats, Foxes, Deer, Hedgehogs, Otters and much more. The diversity of British Wildlife is fascinating and I was very shocked to hear about the decline in numbers of Scottish Wildcats in particular as the ferral cat population and the Wildcats interbreed and change the bloodlines. There may not be any purebreed Wildcats left!

    The BWC run a photography competition each year, and whilst I am quite clearly no match for the majority of serious wildlife photographers who have year-long memberships, I thought I’d enter (especially as the lady on the desk told me that they’d not had too many entries this year!). I was the only person with a dSLR without an L-series Lens at the park that day, but I won’t let that hold me back!

    Here are some of the animals I caught on film (card!).

    Smugface Foxy Frodo
    Frodo the Fox



    Soggy Surprise Badger!

    A great day out and I cannot wait to go back in better weather and see who comes out to play! I particularly would like to see the adders, tiny weeny little harvest mice and baby Scottish Wildcats!

  • More time for photography?

    Posted on by Clare

    Now I’m maternity leave I am hoping I might have time for some more photography.

    Day 1 of maternity leave and I’ve already entered a local photography competition. It’s the Bracknell Forest Parks Photography competition with the theme of “Water”. Luckily I’ve taken a few pictures at our local Pond which is a stones throw from where I live. These are the images I’ve entered:


  • Our garden

    Posted on by Clare

    Our garden might not be perfect, but it’s so nice to see things that you’ve grown starting to look beautiful! Even the weeds!

    Almost open


    Presents from Caroline

    And to show dedication- I knew how I wanted this shot to look, so ended up rolling around on the floor to get the flare perfect. Not normally an issue, but at 30 weeks pregnant, it was a little more challenging!

    Worth it

  • Another great blog post….

    Posted on by Clare

    …by someone else!

    I was linked to this great blog post by Timothy Allen by the wonderful Al Humphreys, which 5 top tips about how to take better travel photos. Travel photography is something I’ve never really tackled, but I found this insight really useful if I ever were to be brave enough to try something new…..

  • Self portraits again

    Posted on by Clare

    I’ve not been taking photos of much of interest recently (mostly our kitchen renovations!) but I am starting to take self portraits again!

    Have three recent shots with give you an idea of the kitchen re-hash too!


    In other news, I’m desperate to get a chance to snap all the beautiful roses being grown where I live! I need to take the camera and business cards out on a sunny evening before they all die!

    Here’s some mobile phone snaps to give you an idea of how gorgeous they are- and all less than half a mile’s walk from my house!

  • Sharing

    Posted on by Clare

    I just wanted to share this great post about Wedding photography from Rock N Roll Bride.

    Really hits the nail on the head! :-)

  • Manx weekend

    Posted on by Clare

    It’s been time for another weekend on the Isle of Man. Visiting the In Laws, including my lovely little niece who is 7 1/2 months old. It was her Christening at the weekend. We don’t often get a chance to visit the Island in good weather (tends to be christmas) and although it wasn’t quite the weather experienced during TT week, we had some lovely sunshine.

    We took the opportunity to borrow mother in law’s car (thanks!) and pop up to my favourite place on the Island, the Point of Ayre. It’s the nothern most part of the Island, as has a gorgeous shingle beach with numerous kinds of birds nesting, pretty flowers poking up between the rocks and some stunning scenery. We did see a seal (very briefly), but overall we just enjoyed wandering in the blustery wind and enjoying scouring the shoreline for pretty shells and stones.

    Playing with filters

    Landscape beach

    Point of Ayre Lighthouse

    I enjoyed using my Cokin ND Grad filters, which I’m trying to take out with me more often than not nowadays. Really helps to capture the blue of the sky whilst not underexposing the foreground.

    Obviously my gorgeous niece was the centre of attention on Sunday, so I tried not to crowd her. She was beautifully behaved and a delight to be around, all day!

    Christening day

    Mischeivous little girl
    I’d love to know what she was plotting in that last picture!

    And just to keep you all up to date on the growing bump…..

    The husband kindly took this of me on the beach!


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